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Ryan Ward
United States
The name's Ryan Ward. I'm currently fifteen years old and residing somewhere on the eastern shores of the U.S. (take a guess). I basically write fan fiction for a vast majority of things, mostly on Regular Show and other different cartoons, but I may also upload random sketches I draw in class, along with other assorted goodies.

Oh and before I forget! My avatar was created using GeneralZoi's Pony creator. It'll only be temporary until I learn how to draw ponies and the like


Hope you all enjoy your stay. Hopefully my stories won't bore you to death... hey, at least you can see a clear improvement as the chapters go on (hopefully).

Favourite genre of music: 80s Alternative Rock
Favourite photographer: Whoever the hell works at National Geographic
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Koopa Shell
Skin of choice: The skin of my enemies >:D
Favourite cartoon character: Mordecai (Regular Show), Reborn (Katykeo Hitman Reborn), Yakko Warner (Animaniacs),Big Mac (MLP:FIM)
Personal Quote: Jesus walked on water. The human body is 70% water. I walk on humans, therefore I am 70% Jesus.
Reservaciones -
Niko – "Hola, yo quiere reserva algunos asientos."
Anfitrión – "Hola, para esta noche?"
Niko – "Si, para esta noche."
Anfitrión - "Para cuánto?"
Niko – "Para dos."
Anfitrión – "Nombres?"
Niko – "Niko y Ryan. Para Ryan's cumpleaños"
Anfitrión - "Bien, hasta luego."
Niko – "Gracias, hasta luego"
Anfitrión – "De nada."

Arriví a el Restaurante -
Ryan – "Ay, el restaurante mira muy fantasía!"
Niko – "Ay, no. El restaurante de 'Enfilase Raymond' es no muy fantasía."
Ryan – "Bien, vámonos!"
Niko – "Bien."

Recibidos por el anfitrión -
Anfitrión – "Hola! Bienvenido a El restaurante de 'Enfilase Raymond' "
Ryan – "Hola, nosotros tenemos dos de asientos."
Anfitrión – "Ay, nombres?"
Niko – "Niko y Ryan."
Anfitrión – "Por aquí."

De estar sentados –

Anfitrión – "Aquí está tu asientos."
Niko – "Gracias."
Anfitrión "Tu el camarero voluntad servir tu pronto."
Ryan – "Bien."

De estar servir-
Camarero – "Hola, aquí el menú. Como puede que tu hoy?"
Ryan – "Yo como tengo Gaubul a beber, Quesillo, Vigoron, Gallos Pinto, y Tres Leches Cake."
Niko – "Misma."
Camarero – "Bien, tu comida voluntad llegar pronto."
Niko – "Gracias."

Niko – "Ryan, lo que tu grado en clase de español?"
Ryan – "Yo tengo tengo  un grande C."
Niko – "De verdad? Yo tengo un bajo B."
Ryan – "¡Oh! El clase de español es ligeramente difícil."
Niko – "Sí, yo estar de acuerdo."
Ryan – "¡Oh! Me muero de hambre!"
Niko – "Yo no hambre. Haces tu como clase de español?"
Ryan – "Sí, que tal es divertirse."
Niko – "Yo encontrar lo aburrido."
  • Mood: Pestered
  • Listening to: Light This City
  • Reading: Letter to a Christian Nation
  • Watching: Dexter's Laboratory
  • Playing: Croc 2
  • Eating: Noodles
  • Drinking: Choclate Milk

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An anti-hero is usually someone who does evil for the good of other people, say, JVJ steals to feed his family. A villan is someone who does evil for his or her own betterment.
The character of Satan, of Lucifer, is well defined in the Bible. He is a beautiful angel, and he used to me the top musician in heaven, but his jelousy got the best of him.
Just saying cuz it's actually a pretty good story to read, even from a secular point of view. Plus, it's not very good to comment on things without doing the research...
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